Flood Forum meeting 23 October 2018 Review

Review of the meeting of 23 October 2018

The meeting was chaired by Cumbria County Council flood resilience manager, Mr Doug Coyle and a presentation by Mr Colin Parks. Also in attendance was Ms Carol Last, Community Liaison officer and Ms Emma Shield.

The meeting was attended by some 30 members of the public representing the village of Burton and Dalton. Available was a copy of the updated report of the findings, which listed works carried out to date and what was still to be carried out. Also in the report are statistics and pictures of the flooded areas and rain fall on the dates of the floods. The report also lists who is responsible for each element of the works going forward. The report does not say exactly when or where works are to be carried out as it all comes down to funding.

Unfortunately, the funding applied for in July of this year has been turned down and another application can not be submitted until July of 2019. Funding was turned down as it is considered that Burton and area are not a high enough risk. Works carried out in Burton will only affect a few houses, so monies have been diverted to other areas that will protect a greater number of homes. When asked where does that leave Burton, we were told to turn to our own community and work together. When asked about funding for these works we were told, “there is no council funding for these works”.

Various members of the audience asked about the bigger picture of what the future plans may hold. We were informed that “at this stage surveys are still being carried out, and until complete, no definitive plans could be made”, however, ideas were offered by the audience. These have been noted down by the Council members and taken away.

The issue of gullies, culverts and drains generally still being blocked was raised and that joined-up thinking was required to ensure that the roads were swept, the gullies, culverts and drains cleared and at the same time the survey of these drains be carried out as all this work needs to be done under the protection of traffic lights. This was taken on board as positive plan by the Council. It was promised that all this work would be carried out in two weeks time. Burton Flood Forum co co-ordinator, Chris Nolan, will be notified of the exact date so these works can be monitored.

In summary, the meeting was well attended and good points made by the audience and the points noted by the Council. We did not learn anything new however which was a little annoying. The Council were thanked by various members of the audience for their efforts so far. One or two points raised heated exchanges from the floor. These items have been noted by Chris Nolan who will take action to address.

Chris Nolan
Parish Councillor

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